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Recruitment...whatever. let's have some fun!
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Welcome to KNR!

We are a "NO DRAMA" guild

KNR is a democratically run guild with a socialist feel. This means that all guild decisions, changes, alliances, and wars etc are put to a vote by the members themselves. No decision regarding guild policy or commitment will occur without the entire guild making that decision via a vote (every voice will be heard). The socialistic feel comes from our community. It is not mandatory to donate all your gold or resources but any and all donations are appreciated. We all work together as a team and a family, what is good for the guild would definitely be good for the individual. I can promise you that whatever you put into KNR you will get back 10 fold.

Definition of Teamwork:

\Team"work`\, n. work done by several associates with each doing a part but all subordinating personal prominence to the efficiency of the whole.
Guild News

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Karin Koldae, Jan 14, 12 3:49 PM.
Back to our first love, Star Wars.  RIP, Star Wars Galaxies, welcome Star Wars: The Old Republic.  KNR has a presence on the Iron Citadel server, Imperial faction.  Contact any online player for an invite. Some recognizable names include Raff, Sari, Melris, Manji, Raydale, and of course, me, Shawndra.

Thinking about killing our current website for a less expensive option.  Will repost same info on somewhere in a stickied thread.  Come on over and vote.
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Any donation is appreciated

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